Q: How long does it take to move?

A: A typical local move is four to six hours. Many factors contribute to the move time including: good packing, location of pick up and delivery, flights of stairs, weather conditions, assembling or disassembling furniture, number of stops and of course size of the move.

Q: How do you charge?

A: Most local moves are based per hour. Out of state and instate long distance moves over 100 miles are charged per mile, plus loading and unloading. We have a minimum of three hours for any move. The time will start from leaving our office to returning.

Q: Are your trucks clean and equipped with moving blankets, dollies, etc.?

A: Yes, we are fully equipped to accommodate your moving needs. Our trucks are swept after each move and pressure washed.

Q: Can I leave my clothes in a chest or dresser drawers?

A: Of Course you can, just make sure they are not over packed and filled with books, as we might have to take the drawers out, unless there on a ground level floor!

Q: When should I call to book?

A: Just keep in  mind that at the end of each month and the summer months  have the biggest demand for moving. As soon as you know your moving date, call for booking availability. Last minute calls are always welcome, in most cases we can get to you the same or next day.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we are fully insured and registered,  just call or email us for a certificate made to you.

Q: Do I need an Estimate?

A: An estimate is great way of determining the approximate cost of your move. If you are getting an over the phone estimate, make sure you list everything you are going to move, you’ll need to guess on the number of boxes you’ll have per room and any special items like a piano, gun safes, elliptical machine or antiques . Free of charge visual estimate are available for customers within a 40mile radius of Portland, ME.

Q: What type of items should I move  myself?

A: You should move your most valuables (Jewelry, Laptop computers, Financial documents, Car titles, Checkbooks, Cash). Prescribed medications, house plants and hazards such as Aerosol cans, Ammonia, Ammunition, Car batteries, Charcoal/lighter fluid, Chemistry sets, Cleaning solvents, Darkroom chemicals, Fertilizer, Fire extinguishers, Fireworks, Fuels/Oils, Household batteries, Kerosene, Liquid bleach, Loaded guns, Matches, Nail polish, Paint thinners, Paints/varnishes, Pesticides, Poisons, Pool chemicals, Propane tanks.  All frozen foods and perishables.

Q: Does your company require a deposit?

A: Yes, a minimum deposit of $75.00 is required for all local moves, that will go towards the final bill. If you cancel your move the deposit is non refundable!